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Site's loading speed

Started by Admin 2019-09-07 at 10:54
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Hello dear users,
Less than one month ago, we extended our hosting service which has the ability of hosting at least 30,000 users. But in this month , with having 16000 users, hosting service made many problems for us. One of this problems was decreasing of site's loading speed at some hours of day. After our pursuits, hosting is checking and solving this problem without needing to upgrade the site.
We must transfer our hosting service to more powerful one if we still have this loading problem till next week.
Thanks for your patience
The site has very good and appropriate speed about 14or15 hours of day. Please be active on site at these hours.
Thanks for all of your supporting.

All the best,
ZimanClix Team
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Good luck dear admin.
Long live Zimanclix

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